Police Attempt To Return Lawful/Legal Paperwork To A Scottish Sovereign

scottish sovereign

A good friend of mine called nala recently had the Police at his door attempting to return paperwork that he had served on them.  Now this was no ordinary paperwork! Good old nala had served them with Denique Ultimatum Revereor Verum and I guess they did not like it! Thus they attempted to return it, if nala had accepted it back then it could be classed as null and void. If you notice in the clip, the Police state that they had photocopied it, they will try anything to get rid of such a hot spud!

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  1. well done nala!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. It was a surprise to see them, the doc had only been deliver’d that morning, not even the chance to go on to PO site to check delivery but hey proof in the pud. My thoughts after were, wasting police time getting them to do Royal Mail’s job delivering mail mmm, other thought has a tune to it, return to sender, wonder if elvis can come out the chippy to do a rendition, well folks to close this, we all act together we will make a difference. respect to all nala

  3. oi yer’wee avitar’s huv’nae a’beard. nala

  4. As an after thought, just in case folks are wondering how this has came about mmmm 7 FPN in mmmm 6weeks and at this moment in time 2 are still attached to windscreen, they will be returned to sender. nala

  5. Aye they certainly don’t like it when you don’t play their game nala.

    Sprinter Man says:

    i like your blog fancy selling ?

  6. Sorry a bit new at this, but firstly thank you ALL for opening my eyes and god bless you all….

    I just wanted to know if I could send the DURV to my local council who at the moment are trying to make my life harder than it already is with their planning permissions for the most stupid of things. They play their part in the big scam, i am kind of sure i could send it to them,but I just wanted a second opinion to be on the safe side and for future reference also

    Can anyone assist I would really appreciate it,……..

  7. Hi nala, been watching your videos recently and have now found this site. loving your courage. i got a FPN back in October 2012 for what the police say driving while using a hand held mobile phone, in which i accepted the pink piece of paper (which i never paid) as i was unknowledged at that time. being fed up with the system that is trying to own us, i went on to research for the truth and i am now getting to grips with this. it is a very in depth subject, but im getting there with it.
    i have had a letter from the fiscal (or should i say FIASCAL) demanding a sum of money (£60) which i realise now is a contract, i replied saying ok, if you want me to contract with you, i will under the condition that you disclose the evidence and the origin of the report, what is section 75 and 76 and 41(b) and why the sum of money has to be paid to the scottish court service as there is no dispute therefore, their service is not required at this stage, my fees were also submitted along with this letter.
    they did reply within 7 days saying they are not prepared to give this information and no questions were answered, there was no diclosure, apart from a police witness summary sheet in which they have added i was swerving all over the white lines (bullshit) but that was it. they did not rebutt the fees.
    i then wrote to them again saying it is impossible for me to contract with you as you are not giving me full disclosure of the contract. i expect the next letter to be for a court date as the 28 days will be up. i have also informed the fiscal that there is no dispute therfore the court would have to order that my questions are amswered before prosecution can commence.
    The only reason i am doing it this way is because i accepted the pink slip at the beginning whereas now i will be informing the police in the future i wont be accepting paper work.
    what do you advise i do or say if it does go to court?
    any information would be appreciated.

    • lololololloll, i dont advise anything dude but I can talk to you.

      bigyin, kin ye organise swap details

      • lol! good answer!
        how can i get your email or contact number? obviously not a good idea to post it up on here.

        much appreciated .


        hi nala how are you, you will notice the comments of my good friend above, busta b, he an myself are working on this together ( team work eh )

        i would also, like to meet and chat with you buy you a beer and a fish supper lol

        i have been involved with this stuff for years also, and i have been to court a good few times now, and presently i have several ongoing cases whereby the sneaky council are doing everything in their power to get my hard earned money from me.

        you can get my email address from this reply i think , if you are part of the site admin or if you like i can put up my email address in a new comment, just tell me what s best, cheers big man….hector ben munro.

    • Hi my friend,see all our fines and the pink slips we sometimes need to pay. Well it all goes to the police,for talking sake if a police car gets into a crash this is we’re all our fines etc go to pay for all there damages terrible!!!! Also have a 15, year old boy when he was younger I had a bad faze,trying to take his life . The police hate him they blame him for things when he’s been in the house with me,also because they’ve had to climb up dirty grass and i know deep down myself they’ve got it in for him. So he’s the one and only boy I know whom can be in two places at the one time!!!!!! Just got a letter from the council for my child telling me there will be two people coming out to see us about a boy that got battered this mob its called an Early Intervention???do you have any idea what it’s about. THEY come with THE police that shouted going out my gate “”MUST BE THE PARENTING SKILL two of MY neighbors heard him HE was trying to get members to bite to JAIL ME BUT I NEVER ROSE TO HIM ffs I’m older than he was silly wee y.t.s i could have motherd him wee clown ALL because I kept them at my door. I’ve just done my whole house up new carpets etc,ma sons social worker takes her shoes of like anyone else but CAUSE they’ve got a number on there sleeve,I’m suppost to do what they tell me??? This is my home and if I don’t won’t them in,i don’t need to??? Nala your a credit and I’m proud of you take care Natasha from Scotland,Paisley xv

  8. sent wan’o’ye’s an e-mail, uptae you noo

  9. hi, did you by chance look up the road traffic act parts you quoted.

    I have and they refer to sale of an motor not fit for pupose, fitting parts that are not fit for pupose for a motor on our roads.

    75 and 76 and 41(b)

  10. Hi nala . Got a speedin fine up in ullapool 3weeks ago on my motorcycle. White cap cops get out and i answer nothing. No joinder no standing u der them . No paperwork received. No questions answered. But a week ago the pf office in inverness sent me a white envelope will charge details. Am just about to send it all back with nothing filled in. Am fed up with the covert mo ey making scam that id polis scotland plc. Cheers . tam

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