Scottish Sovereign Reports The Crime Of Fraud -Administrative Courts

Scottish Sovereign Reports The Crime Of Fraud Administrative Courts. nala once again quotes the law to a constable and once again they ignore the complaint.


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  1. twentynine police wrecked my house and my life looking for princess dianas mums jewels and I have been now thirteen years trying to get [justice ] but the crown office and the police are covering this up to watch my documentary on u tubeput this in[THE PRINCESS HER MOTHER AND THE FALL GUY ] original

  2. the police have wrote out a [fraud letter saying that I have dropped my allegation against them it took me nine years to get a copy of this letter through the freedom of information act and the crown office and lord frank mullholand or the crown office at Edinburgh and also the police wont investigate this letter I collapsed in court three years ago when the sherrif would not let any pulic or media into the court and he threatened me if I took the police into court I would not only be liable ffor there legal fees but also the courts legal fee s I have went through years of hell here and I have thousands of letters that I have written over the last thirteen years trying to get this wrongfull and [illegal search sorted and also get my house fixed I am now a pensioner and I have only the one room to live in this house now as it stinks of dampness and dust and it has now affected my health JD

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